The Child-Care-Subsidy (Kinderbetreuungszuschuss) is intended to support studying parents and enhance their chances of active studying and participation in student’s life despite their additional obligations. The studying parents whose financial situation hinders them from, for example, hiring a babysitter during their afternoon or weekend lectures or from paying the membership fees for daycare (Kita) or kindergarten are entitled to apply for the Child-Care-Subsidy in order to meet their extra expenses. It is possible for every studying parent to put in the application for the Child-Care-Subsidy once per term. Please mind meeting the application-deadline for winter term until 15.11 and for summer term until 15.05. The subsidy amounts up to 210 € each term.

In order to apply for the Child-Care-Subsidy, please come see us (Secretary Office in AStA-Trakt, Room M1-165 or Consultation-Room, M1-153), pick up the form (Antrag auf Bezuschussung der Kinderbetreuungskosten), fill it out and submit it together with the required documents. In case you have any questions, our Consultant for Child-Care-Subsidy (Härtefallsozialreferent für den Kinderbetreuungszuschuss) will provide you with all the necessary information. Meet our Consultant in person or make a call during the office hours (Sprechstunden) or simply write an e-mail ( to get the help you need. Do not hesitate to visit our Consultant in person to get instructions for filling out the form (Antrag auf Bezuschussung der Kinderbetreuungskosten).

International students who are not entitled to receive social security benefits, in addition to our application-form (Antrag auf Bezuschussung der Kinderbetreuungskosten) are pleased to complete the Enclosure 1 (Formlose Einkommenserklärung für Nicht-EU-Bürger_innen) and submit it together with the required documents.