From today until November 14, 2022, you can use the bicycles of „Oli-Bike“ for free. However, this is only valid for 15 minutes per ride, from then on the further ride will be charged according to the regular tariff. So, unless you want to spend money, make sure you stay under the 15-minute mark per ride and park your bikes either within the blue-marked zone or at the designated stations.

If you want to use this offer, you have to register there with your university mail address ( or and confirm this mail address via the link that will be sent to your mailbox. You are automatically registered as a student there.

All further information about where you can rent, use and park the bicycles can be found on the page


Why do we offer this test phase?

Many university cities offer students the opportunity to use the rental bikes, most of which are operated by „nextbike“, for free by paying a small fee as part of the semester contribution. For many students who do not currently own a bicycle or for those who commute to their university city, this is a useful addition to the regular semester ticket. This is also an option for the student body of the University of Oldenburg and can be decided by ballot. In advance of such a ballot, we as AStA are conducting a free test phase so that you as students can give us feedback on this.

General map (more details are available at

Regulation on free parking of bicycles