+++current information on the semesterticket+++
The temporary arrangement concerning the CampusCards which are not validated for this summer semester up to today, will be continued up to July 31. This arrangement contains the possibility of using your CampusCard validated for winter semester 19/20 in combination with a current certificate of enrollment as a Semesterticket. Thus, students who could not validate their CampusCard, due to the on short notice announced closing of the University or who can´t travel to the University during the current situation will not receive any disadvantages. Please note that the route between Weener and Groningen is excluded from this arrangement.
The prior announcement of the local public transport company of Lower Saxony stated an end to this arrangement for May 31. We are very glad to have achieved an extension of the regulation until July 31. Please keep in mind to validate your CampusCard until then.

The most important information on the semester ticket

Are you uncertain about the area of validity of your semester ticket? Do you want to know which trains and busses you can use? Do you need information on the entrainment of children, bicycles or pets? Great! This page provides all necessary information on your semester ticket.

Local trains

You can use the local trains in Northern Saxony, Bremen and beyond. Cities in the surrounding area like Münster, Magdeburg, Lübeck, Paderborn and many other can be travelled to as well.
You can find a map with all cities down below. You can travel in the presented area with local trains in the second class.
The usage of the long-distance trains (IC/EC/ICE) is excluded. However, there is one exception! You can use the IC between Bremen and Norddeich (Mole) or Emden Außenhafen.
Moreover, you should pay attention when travelling with the S-Bahn of Hamburg: The semester ticket is only valid on the sections S3 Stade – Hamburg Hbf and S31 Neugraben – Hamburg Hbf.

Local traffic

The usage of busses, trams and the metro does not apply for the whole area of the local train transport but for the VBN area. Moreover, you can use the bus transport in the areas of the VEJ and the VGC. Look on the map below for an overview.
Please remember: You cannot use busses, trams etc. in cities outside that area. You must pay a regular ticket in cities like Hamburg and Hannover.
Nocturnal partiers also need to pay attention on the following fact: In general, you can use the overnight busses. The only exception are the so called “Nachteulen” (night owls”) – alias Disco Busses – which are not included in the semester ticket.

On the road to Groningen

The lovely city Groningen was incorporated in our semester ticket at winter semester 2018/2019 but is not mentioned on the map. To get there you can use the local train on the track section Leer-Weener-Groningen and the express bus between Leer and Groningen.

Regulations for entrainment

Children up to age five can travel for free. An additional child’s ticket must be bought for children between 6 and 14 years. Adolescents from 15 years up must buy a regular ticket.
An entrainment of bicycles is not included in our semester ticket, which means that you ought to buy a so called “Fahrradtageskarte” (day ticket for bicycles). Check the conditions of carriage of Norther Saxony here (unfortunately only in German) for information on the transport of pets.

Reimbursement of the semester ticket

The financing of the semester ticket is based on the principle of solidarity. Hence students who do not necessarily need the semester ticket must also pay their contribution. However, there are certain circumstances which allow a reimbursement of the semester ticket, like a semester abroad or a break semester, illness or exmatriculation. You can find further information on the reimbursement here

Do you have further questions, problems or complaints? 

You can always approach employees of the AStA for questions and complaints. You are very welcome to do so, since our semester ticket is always changing! Your criticism or suggestions contribute to the restructuring of the semester ticket in the interest of the students. Hence feel free to come to the AStA with your requests!